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Our Mission

Families for Education Improvement Foundation is guided by the mission of ensuring all children in Howard County have the basic needs and resources available to enable them to build a successful future through learning in Howard County's public school system.

About US

FEI  Foundation was founded by members of the community who saw needs in the community which requires more than just advocacy - but direct giving to fulfill those needs. The Foundation is focused solely on the needs of Howard County children and students, led by our Mission Statement and guided by the belief that all children in HoCo should have the basic resources they need to learn and build a successful future.

We believe children need nutritious meals both in and outside of school, activities, and school resources that strengthen their minds and bodies, learning materials that are not only helpful in learning objectives but also leaves space for self-expression and exploratory learning.

We believe every child deserves a rich and empowering education, and hope to bring light to their lives. 

Core Beliefs

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