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Direct replacement for the XP version Create new sticky notes Delete sticky notes Create or open sticky notes Share sticky notes Edit sticky notes Print sticky notes Support for synchronized sticky notes Hundreds of millions of users worldwide! Thousands of updates and improvements every month! Intuitive user interface Sticky Notes 8 is a direct replacement for the XP version of the application and makes use of a modern user interface and look-and-feel, which makes it easier to handle. The sticky notes creator tool opens in a window and remains on the desktop of the user, while the screen remains active, providing a view of the desktop to the user. The main window contains a toolbar and a series of buttons, each of which can be used for a different function. There is no learning curve to tackle, you can easily use the application without any need for an extensive amount of knowledge regarding its working mechanism, as you get to take full advantage of its functions with minimal assistance from the program. Quick functionality You can quickly access the functions of the application, including creating and editing notes, by using its shortcut key or by pressing the F1 key. All of the functionality of the application can be accessed by using the Search tool in the main window, which can be invoked by using the F2 key. Sticky Notes 8 download links and reviews Sticky Notes 8 Sticky Notes 8 provides users with tools that enable them to create and edit sticky notes easily. You can quickly add new sticky notes and edit notes that you may have already created. You can also share notes with other users. In addition, you can print notes, export notes to the clipboard and view notes. Sticky Notes has an intuitive interface, which requires no training or guides to use. Create notes The sticky notes creator tool opens in a window. To add a new sticky note, simply click on the paper icon, which will open a new sticky note. You can customize the stickiness of a note by double-clicking the paper icon. You can also adjust the note content, such as the background color of the note and the text size. There is a search function for the sticky notes creator that will allow you to locate notes quickly. Edit notes You can edit sticky notes by double-clicking the note icon. You can alter the content of a note by selecting a5204a7ec7

You can easily locate your notes using the Search function that comes with this tool. You can sort the search results according to the date or alphabetically. You can add notes to a group, delete them, export notes and import them to another computer. You can perform a number of operations, including viewing and merging notes. You can share notes with your contacts and sync them. You can add notes to a contact, a folder, a bookmark, an event or a memo. You can set a password so that you can prevent others from accessing your notes. You can easily import notes that you have exported from other programs, and export notes to other applications, such as Notepad or Excel. This tool also allows you to view, modify and delete existing notes directly from the File Explorer or the Windows Taskbar. This application can be used as a sticky note creator on your PC and as a program that enables you to generate sticky notes on your tablet. This tool is a convenient note-taking application, which enables you to display sticky notes on your computer or tablet as desktop notes, and add them to folders, bookmarks, events or contacts. You can use this application as a sticky notes creator tool and then save or export the notes as various document formats. Sticky Notes 8 is an easy-to-use, handy and efficient application that allows you to sync notes and has all the necessary functions you would expect of a sticky notes creator tool. You can use the application to create different types of sticky notes, including desktop notes and notes and desktop notes on a tab. You can use this application to create sticky notes with an icon. Drag and drop a file, an image or a text document to the sticky notes window to use it as a background for the sticky note. When you select a text document, you can create sticky notes with or without form or animation. You can also select a background image and use it as a sticky note background. You can use different background images and choose among them to display on your sticky notes. You can also add, modify or edit sticky notes. You can use the left and right buttons at the bottom bar to add sticky notes, organize notes and create a backup. This application can also be used to create sticky notes on the desktop. Download this program and turn your computer desktop into a personal sticky notes storage system by quickly adding, editing and organizing sticky notes. You can create sticky notes of different colors and add notes to multiple groups and subgroups. You can


Sticky Notes 8 [32|64bit]

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